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Good sound comes not from coincidence. Musical devices are usually as good as the sound content with which they are delivered. At that time, as today, sound is a very complex topic and with the many parameters of sound engineering devices is not accessible to every musician. The same is true for bands who want to buy the right mix for their works. Likewise, musical instruments, such as synthesizers, require ready-to-play sounds, which the musician can use immediately and be inspired. For this, there are sound designers and content developers.


As sound designer and audio engineer I am offering on behalf of companies and various manufacturers of hardware and software of the audio industry. In the case of synthesizers, there are presets, ie prefabricated sounds within these instruments. These are developed by me from the ground up, designed and programmed in the device or with external editors. At factory presets, these devices are often in an unpublished alpha stage. Working with these pre-versions is therefore not alien to me.



Sound is my ambition. I am an audio emphatic, always driven by the search for new and better ways to deal with audio. My love for music delivers a strong foundation to do so. And this foundation I will gladly give to the devices and musical works, to present them in the best possible way. Especially the wide range of synthesizers and sound synthesis has occupied me for many years. It is interesting for me to have access to the smallest building block of a sound as well as the gigantic sound worlds that can be generated with it. Many producers want to use these sounds and creatively implement their musical ideas. And often there is no time to get through all sound parameters, just to keep his idea fast. This work I take away from the producer.


My name is Ari Ahrendt - musician / sound designer / mixing engineer from Hamburg, Germany. My main focus is on programming synthesizers, sound design and mixing and audio production.


Sounddesign: dependent

Mixing 250€/song

Mastering 45€/song


Reestück 29
22415 Hamburg

phone: +49 (0) 173 89 144 81